Jakom is an ISO 9001 certified specialist in the supply and machining of shafts, rollers and liners for various industries, such as Oil & Gas, maritime, energy, hydraulics, minerals and general machinery. Our range includes rollers, pump shafts, extruder shafts, turbine shafts, piston rods, tie rods, long ship shafts (CPP or FPP) and long liners and buses for shipping and mining. We also make ‘specials’, such as large rollers and rolls for the paper industry, riser joints and periscope tubes. Our products vary in diameter from ø4 to ø2,800 mm and in length from 200 mm to 25 meters.

We are able to produce long thin shafts with a length to diameter ratio of L=20xD to L=100xD and more, this is something that makes us unique. We are very experienced in working with many steady belts and managing tensions that are released during the machining of materials. We have 30 machines at our disposal to serve you. Are you curious about our machine park? Then download our machine list.

We machine various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel (SS), (super) duplex, bronze, but also specials such as Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel and Titanium. Materials can be supplied with a 3.1 certificate or a 3.2 certificate. We have an extensive network of suppliers who can supply us with bar and tube materials or forgings.

Jakom Machine list
Produce long thin shafts

Our core business is new parts, but we also do repairs, such as replacing liners on a propeller shaft or straightening shafts. We provide machinings such as internal and external turning and the milling of keyways and hole patterns. We can also drill long shafts up to 18 meters from one side. For assembled parts, we have a welding department where we weld MIG, MAG, TIG and OP, and we can balance parts not only statically, but also dynamically. Our products go through our final inspection, where a measurement report is drawn. Measurements are performed with calibrated measuring equipment and our Leica Laser Tracker.

In addition to our own operations, we also provide outsourcing, such as grinding, chrome plating, nickel plating and various types of coatings, such as HVOF and ceramics. We are known by all known classification societies, such as ABS, DNV, BV, CCS and GL, for classifying your marine shafts, for example. We also provide NDT magnetic and ultrasonic testing.

After acceptance, the orders are packed according to our own standards or according to customer specifications, such as seaworthy packaging or sealing. Finally, we can arrange the transport of your order to its final destination. If you want to know more about the possibilities for collaboration with your company you can contact us. Of course, you can also send us a price request directly.

Produce long thin shafts