We are Jakom. We are the passionate and specialised shaft and roller producer. We are not just able to produce the largest, thickest, thinnest and longest shafts and roller, but we mainly do this with passion. After all each day is different. After all each customer and each project is different.

We have partly built the largest paper pulp dryer in the world. Our shafts are installed in the wind turbines in Australia and used to install oil pipelines underground in Siberia. You will find us at the gates of the Panama channel and the Waterjets of the US Navy are driven by our shafts. Nothing is a problem to us.

We opened in 1986 and under the management of engineer Hessel Hendriks, our managing director, we bring the world into motion with our team. From our high-tech factory in a small country, we are great in what we do.

We supply quality as we love what we do. Quality is to make expectations come true and to comply with the set standard. But that does not go far enough for us: Jakom strives to continuously exceed the expectations, to do better than the set standard. As we are purely and only specialised in the production of shafts and rollers, we are able to do so. At the same time, we make it possible to work for a wide group of customers; from large to small and from national to international companies. For more than 30 years.


With the production of long and thin shafts and rollers, Jakom operates in a niche market. This market, where it is possible to be distinctive, requires Jakom to maintain the lead with innovation and a professional organisation of our work.

Our clients always set high requirements. Continuity of the business operations, with independence from and harmony between parties or individuals, is considered as a conditional factor. The national market is too limited to ensure continuity in a profitable way. Volume is required to create independence and to facilitate employees with a stable work environment where they can continuously develop themselves in line with the requirement of the customer.

Jakom strives to be a face defining company in the market, what leads to positive identification for clients and employees.


At Jakom, we attach value to a good and solid quality, occupational health (arbo) and environmental policy. We have structured this around our passion to supply the highest quality, in the broadest sense of the word. Hereby the following aspects are of great importance:

  • We put the needs, wishes and requirements of all our customers first;
  • We like to comply with the stipulated quality, occupational health, environmental and legal requirements;
  • Day in day out we ensure that we make sufficient resources and personnel available to be able to always comply with the stipulated requirements;
  • We strive for continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality and environmental management systems and adjust where necessary;
  • We like to play an active role with solutions for efficiency and environmental improvement;
  • Exchange of communication within our company is essential for our company;
  • We strive to retain our involved and motivated people.

Based on ISO9001:2015, the activities of Jakom focus on continuous improvement of factors that make it possible to comply with the agreed requirements, needs and expectations of both internal as external customers. From the realisation that employees are the human capital of Jakom, the occupational health policy focuses on the best possible safety, the best possible protection of health and the improvement of the welfare of employees. From its social sense of responsibility, the environmental policy of Jakom focuses on the continuous and insofar possible measurable improvement of the performance regarding the environment. Therefore, Jakom has the objective to continually reduce the environmental impacts of its operations.


Jakom’s strategy is aimed on establishing a relationship of trust with the customer. Jakom does not just focus on the need of the market as a whole, but especially on the need of the individual customer. Focussing on realising an optimum solution for any customer. Focus on long term customer relations. Investing in customer knowledge and systems to activate this customer knowledge and to transform this into products and customised service provision.

This means at the same time that Jakom attached much value to its suppliers. The importance of good supplier relations is underlined by the fact that the quality of the service and product provision is partly determined by the weakest link in the chain. We also know that it is important to build a strong supply chain and the development and stimulation of partnerships with our suppliers is therefore an important part of our strategy.