Jakom owns 30 CNC-controlled machines for the production of shafts and rollers with a length of 1 to 23 meters, a maximum diameter of 2.400 mm and a maximum weight of 60 tons. We are the international specialist in long slim products with a length/diameter ratio from 15 to 250.

In our factory we process the entire spectrum of materials, from carbon steel, tempered steel, stainless steel and titanium to Super-Duplex and other specials. Jakom is ISO 9001 certified and has a QC department with a measurement room where all the checks take place.

CNC turning

with a maximum length of up to 23 meters, a maximum diameter of 2400mm and a maximum weight of 60 tons. Various machines have driven tools and milling units to process products faster and more accurately in one setup.

CNC milling/boring

CNC milling/boring on bed mills, boring machines and turning/milling combinations. These machines are extremely suitable for milling various holes with high position accuracy, keyways and of course all other common shapes.

Deep hole drilling

Deep hole drilling up to a length of 18 meters (one-sided), a maximum weight of 40 tons and a maximum diameter of 1.800 mm. Deep hole drilling is a widely used operation for propeller shafts and hydraulic cylinder rods.


Straightening shafts and pipes with a maximum length of 25 meters. Jakom has 2 straightening machines, which are unique in their kind. A product can be forced in a very accurate manner, whereby tension can be kept low due to the unique design. This minimizes voltage peaks. It makes it ideal for repairing shafts and rollers that would otherwise no longer be usable.

Dynamic balancing

Dynamic balancing of products with a maximum length of 12 meters, a weight of 3 tons and a maximum diameter of 1.600 mm. Dynamic balancing is widely used for products such as rollers, which run at high speeds. Static balancing is sufficient for slowly rotating products.

Certified welding

Certified welding of, among other things, rollers by means of Mig/Mag, Tig and SA welding. Highly experienced qualified personnel carries out the welding in a fully equipped welding department.

3D measuring

3D measuring. With our very accurate mobile Lasertracker we can measure very precisely up to 30 meters. The Lasertracker is used, among other things, to measure the holes on the pitch circle, the diameters, lengths and curves.